EasyKlip Mini


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The smaller, lower cost Mini is designed specifically for the sign and banner maker to provide a viable alternative to the traditional eyelet. Uses also extend to the retail camping sector (pre-pack), gardening and horticulture applications and various stage / TV events. to 1/8" thick fabrics and is of attractive appearance. Its ideal for retail sales. It does everything the Maxi does and more! Its performance and appearance makes it perfect for heavy duty sign/banner mounting, camping, marine use, general DIY, horticulture applications and stage / TV events.

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EasyKlip Mini Black 4 pk $6.99   
EasyKlip Mini White 4 pk $6.99   
EasyKlip Mini Black 25 bag $34.99   
EasyKlip Mini White 25 bag $34.99   


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